" Pregnancy gets you glowing " as our elders say but all of us are not that lucky to get that glow, infact mostly what happens is because of changing hormonal levels in the body during pregnancy there are a lot of skin issues that a pregnant woman has to face . In older times we used to ignore them and assume that all these changes are reverted automatically , but now in modern times when there are safe ways to deal with the problems during pregnancy .
we should always take an expert opinion to prevent all the adverse effects and to lessen the severity of those .

various change that happen in pregnancy are :
  1.  Acne
  2.  Pigmentation
  3.  Linea nigra
  4.  Stretch marks
  5.  Hair fall
  6.  Skin tags
So don’t hesitate a bit you deserve to stay beautiful always have a beautiful pregnancy !!!

Dr. Mehak
Cosmetologist, Cocoon

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Surbhi Tripathi said...

Interesting!!! Feel to avail the service soon....