Nerve Racking Process

Husband as a Coach and Support during Delivery:

The father's role in childbirth has changed dramatically since the days when spouses paced the hospital waiting room, anxiously awaiting a doctor's announcement: "It's a girl." These days, most couples choose to have the father of the baby right by the mother’s side throughout the whole birthing process. There is nothing quite like a woman who is nearing the end of her pregnancy. She is a bundle of physical, mental and emotional issues. She is perhaps more tired than she has ever been in her life.

Be a one-person support team

Though there will be lots of experienced people around to help you, you will be your partner's most important support. A woman can become panicky during labor and the best person to get her back on track with her breathing is her partner. After all, you know her better than anyone else. As the contractions grow more intense, reassure her that she's doing a great job and that you love her, and help her by wiping the sweat off her brow. Do whatever she needs, from running to the cafeteria for a packet of sweets to getting her another drink or talking things through with your midwife.

Provide Distractions

Labor may be exciting, but it can also be tedious. In fact, you may spend hours doing nothing more than waiting. Take your wife's mind off her discomfort by keeping her busy. "If your partner has an epidural, there may be less need for physical support during the beginning stages of labor, Instead, you should be ready to keep her occupied with music, conversation, and card games."

Get Snap Happy

During labor, your partner probably won't be focused on starting a scrapbook -- but for the rest of her life, she'll cherish any moments you capture on film. If you have a video camera, discuss ahead of time what should be caught on tape. Above all, make sure your efforts aren't disruptive to the doctor and nurses -- or your wife.

Be Ready for the Big Moment

After hours of sweat and maybe a few tears, the big moment is here -- the arrival of your little bundle of joy. That's where your job comes in: cutting the umbilical cord. If you want to cut the cord, be sure to let the doctor know. And don't be surprised if you find yourself overwhelmed by emotions -- you've just been through an awe-inspiring experience too.

Final touch of Love

Your wife's resting, the baby's in the nursery, and you've contacted the relatives. Think it's time for a nap? Not yet. "Mom has been through a lot both physically and emotionally, “It’s a good time to show her how much you love her." Bring flowers, splurge on chocolates, or write her a love note. Whatever you do, find a special way to mark the occasion.

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akashay saini said...

Rightly said!! Husband plays a very important role & provides 360 degree support during those precious moments....