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Feeling scared during pregnancy is normal for any woman because of the series of changes and surprises that happen every time during this period. You may feel whether what you are going through is normal or needs attention from your gynaecologist. But you will be surprised to know that most of the scary things that you experience are completely normal for all expecting mothers. Here is a list of those normal things that may happen to you to make you feel completely relaxed.

1) Swelling of the feet is a normal symptom and should not be confused with anemia. Usually anemic patients go through swelling of the leg which is a sign of insufficient blood in the body. But in this case, it’s just a sign of your body going through changes. Women experience swollen feet especially in the later phase.

2) Extreme fatigue is just another common occurrence and is completely normal. Yes, we all know that vitamin and mineral deficiency in the body lead to fatigue and nausea but in this stage, these are the most normal things that happen to you and should not make you worry. Keep your vitamins, calcium and iron intake as per your doctor’s instructions and you just need not take any tension. However, if you feel sick for days at a stretch, you must consult your doctor without delay.

3) Sudden numbness in hands and feet and a tingling sensation may happen normally.

4) Your face goes back to your teenage days and may see a crop of acne along with the pregnancy glow because of increase in oil secretion in the face. It will normally go away after delivery.

5) As your abdomen starts protruding and pops out because of the growing baby, the belly button too gets popped out and looks weird than usual times because of the attached umbilical cord of the baby.

6) Heaviness and tenderness of the breasts is another very normal event. It is nothing to be worried about. The breasts start growing bigger as the mammary glands expand to produce more milk for the baby. They also become extremely sensitive and tender and feel heavy and painful even if you touch them.

7) If you are experiencing acidity and heartburn even if you are eating nothing spicy, it is because of the progesterone relaxing the valve located between the stomach and esophagus which makes acid leak and gives you the heartburn.

8) Blurred vision is something that may happen when you are expecting and there is nothing to worry about your eyesight. You do not even need glasses for it. The vision will get corrected normally after childbirth.

9) Back pain is another very normal part of carrying a baby. You cannot deliver a baby without having extreme back pain for the last few months. Since the center of gravity changes due to the added weight of the baby, it is normal for the woman to experience back pain even when she is sitting or lying down. In fact, the entire curvature of the spine changes due to the growing foetus.

10) You may experience vaginal discharge, swelling or change in colour in the vagina and vulva because of increased blood flow and pressure on the veins.

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Pregnancy Tips for a Healthy You during Monsoon - Cocoon Hospital

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases of life for a woman. It is also the time when their husbands and families go paranoid to provide the best kind of care to them. From searching the best hospital and gynecologist to giving lists of do’s and don’ts, you can sometimes feel confused about what to do and what not. 

Instead of a million do’s and don’ts what we have for you expecting ladies is a list of some useful tips for skin care, health and diet during this monsoon season to stay safe and healthy.

•  Avoid eating raw vegetables or ones that have been cut and kept in the open air for too long. Fruits too should not be cut and left open for long because the water content in them once again absorbs moisture during monsoon and makes it a ground for bacterial growth. These tend to absorb moisture from the air and it leads to bacterial growth which may not be good for pregnant women. Raw and leafy vegetables should be avoided during monsoon to avoid getting digestive problems and stomach infection. Try to boil or steam freshly cut vegetables before eating them. Moreover, skip your cravings for spicy roadside food as they may contain the most number of germs in monsoon season. Eating those leaves you open to risks of getting stomach infection and diarrhoea. 

•  Always make sure to drink only boiled or purified water in the monsoon season. If you are going out, carry your own bottle of water. 

•  Keep your house sanitized all the time to avoid contacting germs that come in too often when people come into your house with dirty feet in monsoon.

•  Take bath with neem water every day as it fights germs and infections to make you immune to viral and bacterial infections and also improves your skin. 

• Add medicinal herbs like tulsi leaves in your tea as it not only helps to keep fevers, cough and cold and other bacterial infections away in monsoon but also releases stress build up in pregnancy and keeps you calm and relaxed. 

• If you feel caged up in home as the monsoon is not letting you go out for walks, release your stress levels by enjoying the beauty of the monsoon along with your favourite songs and books. It lifts your mood and helps to manage stress, anger and mood swings. 

• Even if you have to step out during the monsoon, wash your hands, feet and face as soon as you come back home to avoid viral infections as well as skin diseases which are common during monsoon. 

• It is also very important to stay hydrated during monsoon and especially in pregnancy. Sometimes your skin feels too dry and sometimes it’s too oily. Stay naturally hydrated and moisturized by eating healthy food like fresh fruits, fresh fruit juices, and yogurt and coconut water. Also maintain a daily moisturizing routine by massaging olive or almond oil which keeps your skin soft and glowing, takes care of acne, releases stress and also reduces stretch marks. 

• Wear loose and light cotton clothes so that you do not sweat and feel uncomfortable. Synthetic clothes may cause excessive sweating and rashes on the skin. 

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How does your body change during pregnancy?

A mother care package is very important for any woman for a healthy pregnancy. Motherhood brings with it a lot of issues that needs care and guidance and education. This nine-month long period makes several changes in a woman’s body either to prepare the body to nourish the growing foetus or as a reaction to other physical and hormonal changes. These changes are a part of becoming a mother. Know about some of them here: -

  •         The biggest change that takes place is the cessation of the periods. When the egg released by the ovary is not fertilized, the blood lining the wall of the uterus is shed in the form of menstruation. But this time the egg has been fertilized and has got implanted in the wall of your uterus. It is the first change taking place in the woman’s body.
  •          Gaining weight and having a protruding tummy is one of the most significant changes a woman goes through during this period. You start to gain weight because now you are eating for two people. Your baby gains food through you. The tummy too expands in size to make space for the growing foetus.
  •        A woman also experiences frequent urge to urinate due to the extra blood flow that makes the kidneys produce more urine than usual.
  •          Breasts start to swell up during the later months because the female hormones oestrogen and progesterone make the glands grow in size to produce more milk in the near future for breastfeeding the baby. They also become tender to touch.
  •          A hormone called relaxin causes the joints and ligaments in the body to loosen up to dilate the pelvis and vagina to prepare for childbirth. But it also has effect upon the entire body and makes you feel fatigued and clumsy.
  •       During the final trimester the belly is fully protruded which shifts the centre of gravity and increases the curvature of the spine. The thoracic or the mid-back section and the lumbar or the lower back section undergo some structural changes to prepare for the upcoming childbirth process. These changes cause further change in the woman’s posture and spinal curvature. It can make the woman go through some extreme lower back pain especially in the final months.
  •          Oestrogen levels pump up during this period which leads to good hair growth. It increases the growth phase of the hair follicles and as a result the woman experiences longer and thicker hair. She may also see some increased hair growth on the body as well. This is why hair starts falling off in clumps after delivery because the oestrogen levels start to fall after the child is born. 
  •          Women who have large foetuses or have gained too much weight will experience a breakdown of connective skin tissue or collagen in areas like the abdomen and the thigh where most of the weight is concentrated. This will lead to formation of stretch marks in those areas.
  •         The sweat glands work more during this period and the rate of metabolism is also high. This makes the woman feel hot and sweat more.
  •            Increased blood circulation in the body gives a reddish flush or glow to the face.

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Taking Care of You and Your Baby While You Are Pregnant

Things a Pregnant Woman should take care of before delivery
The days before delivery are exciting because the pregnant mother is eagerly waiting for the new life to come. At the same time, the period is confusing as well because there are many aspects to consider before delivery and many pregnant women are unaware of them. If these things to be taken care of before delivery are considered well, there would not be much difficulty during and after delivery.

Why taking care before pregnancy is important?
The chance of healthy pregnancy increases if you take care of certain things before delivery. The care comprises of much more than simply monitoring your diet and weight. It is important to keep in mind that during pregnancy phase, not only the health of the pregnant woman important but the health of the unborn baby also matters a lot. Maternal difficulties like diabetes, inadequate weight gain, and high blood pressure, if left untreated, could prove to be risky to the foetus. If certain conditions are taken care of early, they can be treated in-utero (i.e., prior the birth of baby).  The best hospital in jaipur for delivery takes care of pregnant women before pregnancy effectively.

Things to Take Care of:
  • Keep yourself hydrated and take enough rest:It is important to keep yourself hydrated. In case you are nauseated and could not keep water down, it is necessary to add one spoon of sugar and a pinch of salt into it. It will quickly rehydrate you and alleviate the concerns of nausea. It is also important to take plenty of rest. You can take a nap prior lunch time and prior dinner. You can develop a habit of taking rest in parts as this can make the parenting a baby easy.
  • Consult with your doctor regarding your delivery options: During the course of pregnancy, you are about to see many obstetricians. It is common to understand that such appointments could be overwhelming; however, take effort to seek benefit of that time to have continued conversations regarding your delivery plans. Because majority of doctors have admitting privileges at multiple hospital, it is recommended that you decide which is the suitable fit for you –like the one near to your home or the one with a dedicated birthing centre. The expert team of doctors present at the best hospital in jaipur for delivery guides you well about the delivery options.
  • Eat balanced food:Consumption of balanced diet helps to keep you and your baby healthy. It is best to eat fruits, vegetables, dairy products, pulses, rice, etc. Stay away from eating junk foods and eating food that is not completely cooked. It is important to wash all produce prior eating it. Also, keep dishes and cutting boards clean. Develop a habit of eating minimum 4 servings of dairy every day. It will help to provide sufficient amount of calcium to you and your baby.

Concluding Note:
The health of pregnant women can be at risk if proper care is not taken before delivery period. The best medical facility, like Cocoon Hospital can help you on guiding on different things to be considered in order to have safe delivery.