We Recreate And Bloom You with Cocoon Hospotel

To all “soon- to- be- mothers”
Your life is your child’s life for, you are two blossoms on a single branch!

Cocoon, one of the  Best Hospitals in Jaipur , located on Tonk road, Durgapura, Rajasthan, aids to take care of  you  and your  tiny baby too. It beautifully delivers their treasure love for the mother and baby during and after birthing midwifery.

A faith-based  hospital which gives away the  choice for its peculiar concepts and bouquet of services designed around womanhood and newborn. It rolls out to be the  Best Obstetrics Hospital in Jaipur serving you in the most cherished and sedan ways.

Having  said this, the Services entailed are:

ü Obstetrics, assists in

Ø Normal and high risk deliveries
Ø Pain less deliveries
Ø Cord cell banking
Ø Birthing in LDR and Modular OT

ü Gynaecology,  aids in

Ø Hormonal disorders
Ø Infertility work ups
Ø Contraception
Ø Uterine Pro lapse
Ø Cancer screening and colposcopy

ü Laproscopic surgeries, include

Ø Minimal invasive surgeries
Ø Laproscopic sterilization
Ø Diagnostic laproscopy
Ø Laproscopic general surgeries
Ø Management of ectopic pregnancy

ü Counsellin/ clinical psychology, provides

Ø Pre and post marital counseling
Ø Parental and sibling classes
Ø Grand parents counseling
Ø Parent craft classes
Ø Coping with mood disorder counseling

ü Cosmetology, assists in

Ø Laser removal of hair
Ø Pigmentation
Ø Skin rejuvenation
Ø Scar removal
Ø Stretch marks removal

ü Cosmetic Surgery ,includes

Ø cosmetic correction of face
Ø breast augmentation
Ø secondary cleft
Ø ear lobe repair
Ø mole removal

Beyond this, Cocoon owns a vast pool of  Best Doctors in Jaipur, with deep Experience who nourish you with various packages and add ons. It has antenatal, post natal, birthing and wellness packages combined with an education programe organized for the family to make them learn the kno- how of parenting styles.

The  most royal and loyal to the feminity is Cocoon Health Spa which freeds Mothers from the stress and  evident mood swings. All would be mothers should soak the peace in and unwind the tensions with Therapeutic Spa Programe. They have different packages combined with various membership plans and body therapies .
Your journey through motherhood remains a joy forever because its their Labour of love.


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