Joyous Journey or a Stressful Journey... Choice is yours!

  • From about 23 weeks, baby can hear you. Chat and Sing to your unborn baby.
  • Talk about it to mums-to-be at same stage of pregnancy as you, perhaps at antenatal class as they are likely to have same feeling as you.
  • Diet -A healthy diet of omega-3 essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, can lift your mood. 
  • Try to build exercise in your daily life - Pregnancy yoga not only tones and stretches your body, but teaches you breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques.
  • Prepare for your birth – visit your delivery suite beforehand as that would make you more comfortable and can set your mind at rest.
  • Prepare for family life – Join some education session which will help you to lower down your queries and you can be assured for better parenting.
  • Don’t be afraid of what community thinks – don’t feel embarrassed to ask for any help.
  • Treat yourself as PRINCESS -Pregnancy is also the perfect time to treat yourself to all those beauty treatments you never normally splash out on. 
  • Cherish the moments with your better half- it would give you an immense pleasure and comfort as someone is equally happy for the moments you have given him. 
  • Try Complementary Therapies – Join some active antenatal workshops, pregnancy massage treatment, interact with people going through this beautiful phase same as you.


Krishnanandsingh Krish said...

Nice Blog..............///

Richa sharma said...

Perhaps the very important messege..

suhasany said...

Pregnancy is a Joyous journey best experienced by sharing moments with your partner, very rightly said....