H2O Birthing – Birthing as PURE as Water

Water Birthing is a centuries-old practice for the human race. The theory behind water birth is that since the baby has already been in the amniotic fluid sac for 9 months, birthing into a similar environment is gentler for the baby and less stressful for the mother.To put it simply, less pain equals more chance of a normal birth; using a birth pool equals less pain; so using a birth pool in labor and birth equals a greater chance of normal birth. It is supported by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (RCOG) for healthy women with uncomplicated pregnancy. Water delivery is not recommended for women with high-risk pregnancies and in every case preparation should be made for delivery to occur out of the water if complications arise.

Dr. Sunita Shishodia
Director, Obs & Gynae 
Cocoon, Jaipur

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